Two in One (Poetry)

In the midst of the jungle stood a couple who won the hearts of many. They found each other miraculously after having been lost for centuries. ©

Dawn (Poetry)

He escaped his personal lies and wandered down the deep path of solitude searching for something better to do to live up to his childhood memories. ©

Dreams (Poetry)

When you close your eyes you tap into a whole new world, escaping the darkness, freeing your mind, and releasing every shred of uncertainty. ©

Angels (Poetry)

I feel it in my soul. I wish we certainly knew that there are angels in real life, but the truth is that we know nothing of the truth. Hopes aren’t parallel to what’s real, but myths or not we have our own right to trust whatever we wish to believe. ©

Depth (Poetry)

There is a side one tries to hide when all falls through but the side that reaches truth is the side one holds on to. ©